Benefits of Raw Shea Butter


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Benefits of Raw Shea Butter

I’ve heard many people rave and race about shea butter. I have even raved over it. So why not share with you all the great benefits that raw shea butter gives us. Now a lot of us know that they put Shea butter in hair products and body care products, but sometimes that isn’t in it raw form. So what’s the difference? Raw Shea butter is extracted from nuts of a tree that you can only find in Africa; the tree is called Shea-Karite. Raw Shea butter, also called unrefined Shea butter, is solid at room temperature and liquifies around body temperature. The process of raw Shea butter includes using water only, which make it the purest form of Shea butter.

Now on to the benefits:

Natural anti-inflammatory: It’s been used to stop the flare ups in mild-to-moderate eczema and/or psoriasis.

Moisturizer: With Shea butter containing vitamins A and E, it helps to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. It easily penetrates the skin allowing the skin to breathe and not have clogged pores.

Treating acne: When used with african black soap it’s been said to help keep skin clear of acne and blemishes.

Adds shine and luster to hair: With it being such a great moisturizing aid, shea butter helps provide moisture to dry and damaged hair. When looking for a great product in the winter this will definitely be your go to.

As I Am Smoothing Gel Review


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And I went MIA once again. Last week was a busy one for me. So since I left you high and dry last week this week is full of fun post. Get ready!


When I first big chopped a month or so ago I was looking all over the place for a gel that would give me hold, definition and slick down my baby hairs when needed. I was recommended to try the As I Am Smoothing Gel. I rushed to Sally’s Beauty in hopes they had it on the shelves. Now for what this gel actually claims to do I give it 1 star, but for what it really does I give it 4 stars out of 5.

I use this gel for my wash n go’s because it doesn’t do well at slicking done baby hair or your hair period. It does give me all over curl definition like I’ve never seen before. The only reason I give it 4 stars for wash n go’s is because it can leave your hair dry if you don’t take the right layering of your moisturizing products. Too much of this gel can also leave your hair crunchy, and feeling like you have a ton of build up. This product does range in price depending on where you get it. With my Sally’s Beauty card I got it for I believe around $6. For the prize it’s great because you will never use a ton of it once you get your routine down.

Curl definition
Great styler for wash n go’s

No smoothing/holding power
Can leave hair dry

My Natural Hair: 101


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Natural Hair 101

Hello and welcome to Natural Hair:101. Today in class we are going to go over the basics of natural hair haircare. Alright, alright lets be serious now. I wanted to all let you know how my hair has been doing since I chopped it off and what all I have learned about my hair. I thought I had my hair figured out before I chopped it off, but I was clearly wrong and want to share some new tips, tricks and information that has helped me maintain my tapered twa.

Hair Type
Before I cut my hair I was determined not to buy into the hair typing chart. This was mainly because all I cared about was having healthy hair. This lasted until the day I cut my hair and finally saw my actually curl pattern. Before I cut my hair I wasn’t able to actually see my true curl pattern. Once cut I saw all my curls, and couldn’t resist to type my hair. I decided to type my hair because I knew it would better help me find styling products to define and hold my type 4 hair.

Hair Composition
I also use to read about how the hair strand is structured and I thought that I had all the info until I started to research a little more. How your hair is composed determines what type of products will work for your hair. Figuring out the composition of my hair helped me see that I was using the wrong products to style my hair. I use the LOC method so my process of how I apply my product has not changed. The main thing that has changed is the products I use. Right now I am still in search of a holy grail leave in conditioner so I’m using my sub-par Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in.
My hair is high in density, low in elasticity, low in porosity, and is fine.

My Go To Products
I posted a blog about my current go to products, so go check that out here to see what I’ve been using. I will be making a video soon on my whole “wash n go” routine soon.

Hello 25: Skincare Issues


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Hello 25: Skin in your mid to late 20sI use to hear all the time that my skin would possibly change after I turned 25, but of course I never believed it. Well, I sure was wrong. Just over the last couple months my skin has turned on me. My once over active oily skin has taken a complete turn to what I once used to be envious for. I was graced with dry patches, sensitivity, acne breakouts, and blemishes galore. At the time my skin started to act up I chalked it up to me not eating the right way and not drinking enough water. I changed my diet back to my usual, and continued my skincare routine.

After this seemed to fail, I added more to my skincare routine. I added all the things that had worked before, but I had just taken out of my routine. Well, yes you’re right that didn’t help either.

To my luck my skin is now dry. So my skincare routine must change, I need to find new products, and through feeling like a teenager all over again. I’ve decided to take you all on this journey to find a new skincare routine for my dry skin. If any of you have recommendations PLEASE leave them.


August Craze 2014


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Another month gone and we’re getting closer to fall. I’m excited for cooler weather, pumpkin carvings, and tons of sweets. August has been filled with lots of getting back on track with blog post, work, and coaching. Let’s get into what August brought us!

Hello 1990s
I knew the 90s were going to show up this season and the coming season but I didn’t expect to see so much of it. I felt like I was thrown in to Cher’s Beverly Hills wonderland. I think I even caught myself say “As If” a couple times. The fashion and beauty community has embraced the chokers, ripped knee jeans, flannel shirt’s tied around their waist, matte makeup and the ever so obsessed dark nude lip. The biggest celebrity to embrace this decade has hands down been Kylie Jenner.

1990s Fashion Trend

My Favorites
So what was I loving this past month? Let’s see; no 90s clothes, makeup, or hair dying for me. I did find pleasure in networking with some bloggers in the Bay Area. The blogging community in my neck of the woods is so massive and I never even knew it. If your in the Bay Area please say hi! I’m thinking about even coordinating a small get together for us bloggers.

On the beauty and vlogger front I have been in love with Jacyln Hill and Lustrelux. These ladies are my new favorite people. I act as if they were my real friends. I love watching their videos. I literally went on a full marathon of both of their channels this month. If you have yet to watch any of their videos go do it now! Promise you won’t regret it.

Color Of The Season: Oxblood


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It’s that time again! I’m gearing up for the fall and one of my favorite colors is back in the mix! Oxblood has to be one of my favorite fall colors; as I wear mainly black, grey, and and more black. I was walking through the mall, window shopping before work and couldn’t help but notice that oxblood was the main common color in all the retail stores. Since fall is around the corner and back to school shopping has been in full swing for a couple weeks now, retail stores are bringing out there “Pre-Fall” lines. I’m totally in love with what I’ve seen in stores and hey, if it gives me an excuse to go buy more clothes to infuse color in my fall wardrobe than I’m all for it.

Color Of The Season: Oxblood



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