Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays



SB-LogoIt’s the holidays and we all would love to put a little extra cash in our pockets. With buying gifts, paying bills and the occasional gift for yourself, the amount starts to add up. I have found one of my new favorite sites. Swagbucks is a website that is an easy, simple, way to earn money. What does it entail? Watching video, taking surveys, and searching for things online is all it takes to start making money on Swagbucks.

If you are in need of extra cash give it a try. Especially since it free to sign up and get started!

What Love Language Are You? The 5 Love Languages



The 5 Love Languages | Nikki's Haven I recently saw this test on Pinterest and couldn’t help myself. I’ve always wondered how my love is truly shown and received from others. This test better helped me see that I’m all about the quality time. Either with loved ones or significant others I find that my love is strong and grows when I spend more time with that person. Now for me I know that it doesn’t always have to be face to face quality time. FaceTime chats, long in depth text conversations, as well as lengthy phone calls all contribute to my love.

Find out what Love Language you are and leave a comment below.

Fall & Winter Lip Products


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Fall & Winter Lip Products | Nikki's HavenWhen fall and winter come around I can’t help but whip out my favorite lipsticks. This fall and winter I’ve added to my must have lip products. Keeping your lips moisturized and chap free is the main goal we all try to achieve this time of the year. I hope the products that are my favorites can help you keep your lips looking great this season. Make sure to try vampy colors this time of the year as they look great on everyone!What are some of your lip favorites this season?

The first step to my fall and winter lip routine has to be exfoliating. With the colder weather, chapped lips are always around. I love to use my DIY Brown Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and had moisture back to my lips. When not using my scrub I opt for a tooth brush and a little bit of water.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I can’t say it anymore then I have already said it. This is so key in keeping fine lines and dead skin from making your favorite lipsticks look smooth and flawless. I’m big on the classic Chapstick. My current favorite is the vanilla flavor. You can never go wrong with Chapstick.

Fall & Winter Lip Products | Nikki's HavenThe NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte is one of my new favorites for sure. This ultra pigmented and smooth lipstick is to die for. NARS has really stepped their game up in the lipstick department and I cannot complain one bit about the Audacious lipstick formula.

Fall & Winter Lip Products | Nikki's HavenMac has always been one of my favorite cosmetic companies. When it comes to lipsticks I have plenty of favorites, but for the fall and winter I wear the heck out of Ruby Woo and Rebel. Rebel is a great in between color if your not ready for the full on vampy dark lip, where as Ruby Woo is the perfect holiday matte red.

Fall & Winter Lip Products | Nikki's HavenSometimes you don’t want to wear dark vampy lips all the time, and sometimes they are just not appropriate for certain occasions. My go to fall and winter ‘nude’ has to be hands down the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 130 Rose Velvet. It’s a nice pinky dark nude that compliments a lot of skin tones.

Fall & Winter Lip Products | Nikki's HavenLet’s talk dark, vampy, and matte. I am dying over the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Homegirl. I never thought I would like such a dark and vampy lip but when I swatched this color in Sephora I fell in love instantly. It claims to be a 10 hour wear lipstick, but I cannot attest to that claim, but I can say it stays put pretty well through eating and drinking. Defiantly give these lipsticks a try, but be aware they are a little drying to MOISTURIZE before hand.

Thigh High



Thigh High | Nikki's Haven

I am such a fan of boots, all boots. Everything from booties, rain boots, riding boots, and everything in between. These thigh high boots are ones that I had to search high and low for years ago. Since I’m pretty tiny it’s hard to find boots that fit my calves. These are perfect.

Thigh High | Nikki's Haven Thigh High | Nikki's Haven Thigh High | Nikki's Haven Thigh High | Nikki's Haven Thigh High | Nikki's Haven Thigh High | Nikki's Haven Thigh High | Nikki's Haven

Photos By Naama Angulo Rios

Hat – Forever 21(similar) | Jeans – True Religion(Similar) | Shirt – Hanes | Moto Faux Leather Jacket – H&M(similar) | Boots – Bakers(similar) | lipstick -NARS Adaucious in Charlotte | Watch – Nike+ GPS

Skincare Update


If you’ve been a reader of my blog for the last couple months you know I’ve been having troubles with my skin. I wanted to give you an update on how things are going, what I have been using lately and what is on my soon to purchase list.

So my skin has been going through an emotional crisis these last couple weeks. I’ve had everything from dry patches around my nose and jaw, to a super oily t-zone. I am mainly struggling with my dry patches on my jaw and cheek. The right side of my face is way more sensitive and acne prone compared to my left. So what have I done to fix it? Well unfortunately I have yet to find something that works for both sides of my face.

On my list of products to try:
Glam Glow Thirstymud Hydrating Mask
Purity Face Wash
John Masters 100% Agran Oil
Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Day Crème SPF 15

I am currently using the First Aid Beauty to go kit from Sephora. This I love more for my night time routine. When playing around with my Halloween makeup I can say that the cleanser is BOMB! It got off all my makeup with no problem. For the cleansing pads that act as a toner I really haven’t noticed anything special. I’m not a big toner fan but I have had good experiences with some. Got the cream I’m sold. The cream is heavy enough to give my face moisture but not make it feel greasy. I really would rather a gel with SPF during the day though.

For my morning routine I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for all skin types. This face wash is good for what it does for me. It’s not stripping my face in the morning but it’s not adding a ton to my face. After my face feel clean and fresh. I would definitely not use this at night, as it just doesn’t do well getting makeup off my face. I would recommend this to any teenager or adult who just needs a nice face wash.

I picked up a sample of the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment from Sephora and boy when I say the hype is real the hype is SO REAL. The sample I got lasted me 2 uses which is good for a sample but I’m itching to buy the whole thing. With a $69 price tag I’m on the search to see if there is anything that might come close to it before I spill the purse. The perks of this is you don’t always have to put a full mask on. I used some left over as spot treatments and it worked well also. I would say since it is a clearing mask it does bring some blemishes to the surface, but overall I would definitely recommend this mask to everyone.

I am still using my First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask with Red Clay and doing this once to twice a week. If you want to see a full review on this check out my post here.

The Purge: Makeup Edition



Every couple months I go through this OCD cleaning phase. Sometimes it’s much needed and other times it’s just plain silly. This time around it was a much needed purge. I have had some makeup way to long and it started to gross me out when I thought about when I had bought some of my products. Now since I don’t wear makeup everyday, some of these products have literally only been used 4-5 times. With little usage of products comes very little knowledge of when it happened to grace your collection to begin with.

I’m glad I could actually go through and get rid of some things, as I can be somewhat of a hoarder at times. This only means that what was thrown out must soon be replaced. Be on the look out for a haul in the coming weeks.


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