Warby Parker Home Try-On Review


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Last month I got to try out Warby Parker for the 1st time. I’m not one that big on wearing my eyeglasses. I just tend to forget to put them in my purse or I lose them all together. But when it comes to sunglasses I’m a little obsessed. The problem is I never want to shell out the cash for an expensive pair of Ray Bans, Chloe, or those other high end sunglasses companies. You will find my collection stocked with, forever 21 or those 2 for 20 sunglasses you get at those carts. So when I found out that Warby Parker offered a FREE Home Try-On Program I was sold to give it a shot. Here are the key features about the company:

Price: Eyeglasses and Sunglasses range from $95 to $195. I noticed that you can get your sunglasses prescription if you like, which makes them run a little more in price.

Quality: I love the quality of all the glasses I tried out. They were all light weight, yet very sturdy frames. They all looked like very expensive, high end glasses as well. I loved the fact that the WP logo was on the inside of the arm. I hate when glasses have the names on the actual lens or outside on the side of the arm. Maybe I don’t want everyone to know my glasses cost an arm and a leg.

Home Try-On Program: With the try-on program you get to pick out 5 pair of glasses, and try them for 5 days. You can pick all eyeglasses, all sunglasses, or mix the two together. I loved that about the program because I wasn’t stuck only having to choose from one category. All you do is go on the site, find the pair of glasses you want, click the try-on button, and they are put in your cart. I did notice that some of the glasses are not available for home try-on, which for me was a slight deal breaker. My eyes had fell in love with the Greta’s but I wasn’t able to see if they would actually look good on my face. The program is basically free, yes basically free. I only say this because they do charge your credit card $1. This is super understandable because if you don’t ship them back they would lose out on a lot of money. So they do tell you, if you don’t send a pair back or fail to send them back on time you will be charged for the amount of each pair of glasses. When it comes to shipping; mine came from Texas, so it took a total of 3 business days to make it to California. Some people I’ve seen received theirs within 2 days of placing their order.

Store Locations: There are not stores every where just yet, but here are a couple of stores if you live close or are ever in that area do go check them out.
New York, Greene St – 121 Greene St
New York, Head Quarters – 161 Ave of the Americas, 2nd fl
Boston, Newbury St – 83 Newbury St, 2nd fl
Los Angeles, Sunset Blvd – The Standard Hollywood, 8300 Sunset Blvd
Philadelphia, PA – Art in the Age, 116 N 3rd St
Oklahoma City, OK – Shop Good, 3 NW 9th St
Chicago, IL – Apartment Number 9, 1804 N Damen Ave
Miami Beach, FL – The Standard Spa Miami Beach, 40 Island Ave
Nashville, TN – Imogene + Willie, 2601 12th Ave South
Richmond, VA – Need Supply Co., 3100 West Cary St

Giving Back: What I love about this company is that for every pair of glasses that are bought, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need of a pair. This is such a great thing that they have started. I am all for giving back to those who can not afford or have access to what a lot of us take for granted. If you want to know more about how WP gives back check out their website here.

Glasses I Chose:


Overall I am in love with the company, the glasses, and everything about the try-on program. If you haven’t given WP a try I say go for it, you definitely will not be disappointed. If you want to see more about which glasses I fell in love with check out my post here. I also have a couple outfit post that I did in the glasses that you can check out here, here, and here. Let me know if you have tried WP and which glasses are your favorite. Be sure to check out their most recent collection. I might be making another go to see which ones I like the best out of them.


DIY Couch Seat Cover


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Some times you just want a little change on your couch, but pillows can’t always give you what you want. I ran across this blog post on Pinterest and had to share it with you all. Mossy Jojo did this for other reasons, so if you have kids who get coloring happy this will help you as well. No more having to worry about the little ones ruining the couch.

Happy Easter to you all!


My Traveling Essentials


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And I’m off! Happy Thursday to you all. This morning I set out to Los Angeles. If you follow me on my twitter or sports fan page you all know I have a track meet this weekend. I’m excited to be back in LA and to race. It’s a plus I get to see my beautiful God Son and cousin as well.

I wanted to show you some of my essentials that I pack when I travel on the weekends. A lot of this is great if you are flying since I always just have a carry on. Also if you want to see how I spend my weekends when I’m at competitions please subscribe to my YouTube Vlog Channel! This YouTube is running,fitness, and lifestyle related. You get to see my life a little; a total behind the scenes when it comes to me. I’m not all fashion, designing, and beauty products.


Is It November Yet?


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I know that I shouldn’t be thinking about November just yet, but when I saw the news this past weekend about the Alexander Wang collection coming to H&M, I wanted to jump in a DeLorean and gun it to 88mph. November 6th I will be in line at H&M ready to stock my closet with what will be classic pieces of clothing. Who else is excited about this collaboration? It can’t be just me.

Drooling Over


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I have been drooling over a couple things for a while now. Some I need to add to my collections and some that I’ve seen and just can’t take my eyes off of. What have you been obsessed with lately?

Also I’ve been super on the go and my post have dwindled. I’m sorry for that and have some things on my to do list for you all. Have a great week!


My Eyebrow Essentials


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Eyebrows are like a frame to a picture. Well at least to me they are. A sculpted brow can change your whole face. I was never big on filling in my brows until I started noticing how thin and wimpy my brows looked in pictures. I wanted full brows like all the celebrity’s. It took me a while to find the perfect shape for my brow and still sometimes I get it wrong. So don’t worry if your brow shape changes a couple times until you find the perfect fit. Also brows are not twins, they are sisters. It’s okay if they are not perfectly identical.



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